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Method Of Operation
  Operations Management  

Prior to Contract Commencement
Upon notification of selection as the preferred service provider, Super Excel Building Services arranges to meet with the client representative to develop operational procedures and instructions for the site. This information ensures that all personnel, equipment, training and operational requirements are in place to make certain the smooth commencement of services. All contracts have clear site requirements. These requirements are defined only after consultation with the customer.


Monthly Service Review Meetings
Each month the Operations Manager/ Supervisor and client representative


holds a joint “Service Review Meeting”. The key performance indicators assist to ensure that Super Excel Building Services provide a consistently high standard of service and more importantly, assist to identify any areas of improvement at the earliest opportunity.


 Customer Property
Special care is exercised with customer property while it is under the control of Super Excel Building Services or being used by Super Excel Building Services operations personnel. Super Excel Building Services identifies, verifies, protects and safeguards customer property provided for use or incorporated into the provision of services.  If any customer property is lost, damaged, or otherwise found to be unsuitable for use, it is reported to the customer and records maintained.

 Quality Assurance
At Super Excel Building Services main methods of Quality Control are exercised through:

Carrying out physical inspection by our Quality Inspectors at planned intervals using specific checklists;
  Carrying out physical checks by supervisors on daily, weekly and monthly basis as applicable;
Providing checklist for periodic works, and
  Obtaining client feedback on the works completed satisfactory.

 Operational Control (Quality, Health & Safety (QHSE) Management)
Super Excel Building Services identifies activities that are associated with the identified QHSE risks where control measures need to be applied.  Those activities are carried out under specific conditions by:

  Establishing and maintaining procedures to cover the situations where their absence could lead to deviations from the QHSE requirements.
Establishing and maintaining procedures for the ongoing identification of QHSE related issues.
Ensuring that pertinent QHSE information is communicated to and from employees and other interested parties.
Ensuring that its employees working at each relevant function and level are aware of the importance of conformance to the QHSE policy and procedures


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